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About Chattern

What Is It?

The world is changing at a fast pace. Whatever was just enough to get a job recently is not merely enough these day to stand out. Many job seekers are aware that professional skills are different from interview skills. Those who work on their job hunting acumen get a chance to advance and beat their competition for a job.

Do you have a hard time answering behavioural HR questions? Do you want to find out how to interview with a particular firm? Have you been wondering how to get a job in your dream company? Do you keep attending interviews but cannot land a job? Do you want to practice mock interviews to get rid of the job interview anxiety? Are you searching for someone to have a professional look at your resume?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Chattern is a new platform where you can connect with experienced interviewers such as corporate recruiters, HR professionals, career coaches and practice real live video interviews, receive a professional assessment of your resume or career advice.

Whether you have been in your last job for too long and forgot how to interview, or a new immigrant to US or Canada not familiar with the interview culture, a new grad entering the job market, or simply uncomfortable being in the interview room, you can benefit from using Chattern.

Chattern Services

What We Offer

online video mock interview training header image

Online Mock Interview Practice • Live On-Demand • Chattern’s online mock interview is a live job interview preparation with real hiring experts from the companies you want to work for. A chance to practice with . . .

Job Search Guidance Chattern Service Image

Job Search Help • Ask a Hiring Expert • Here, at Chattern, you can find a hiring pro to help you with your job search, give you job hunting tips, navigate you through a hiring . . .

Career Counselling Chattern Service Image

Online Career Counselling • Career Coaching • Building a career is not equal to finding a job. Career counselling helps you to define you personal preferences and aspirations, strengths and skills, to translate them into value . . .

Help With ...

problems solved here

I need to prepare for a job interview.
I need to prepare for a job interview.
My job applications always get rejected.
My job applications always get rejected.
Is my resume suitable for the jobs I am applying?
Is my resume suitable for the jobs I am applying?
I don't know how to answer behavioural questions.
I don't know how to answer behavioural questions.
How do I negotiate a higher salary?
How do I negotiate a higher salary?
I am stuck. How do I change careers?
I am stuck. How do I change careers?
How do I prepare for a phone interview?
How do I prepare for a phone interview?
I need to practice job interview questions.
I need to practice job interview questions.
I need to talk to HR about my current work situation.
I need to talk to HR about my current work situation.
Who can prepare me for a consulting business case interview?
Who can prepare me for a consulting business case interview?

Online Coaching Done Differently


Pick Your Own Advisor

Most career coaching services assign an advisor to you depending on who they have available. At Chattern - you pick your own. If you need a knowledge of a specific company, you find an advisor that actually worked there.

Per Minute Billing

No need to commit to ridiculously priced career coaching packages. You only discuss what you need and want to learn and pay per minute of your coaching session.

Don’t Like – Hang Up

After the meeting starts you have 4 minutes to decide, if you want to continue. Hang up and do not pay, if you feel the coach does not suit you.

Practice Online via Video Chat

Practice in the comfort of your own home using our custom made video interface. Talk via our video chat, review your resume with advisors without switching to Skype or other media.

Join Chattern Now!

Create a profile and submit your first request. Registration is free.
You only pay for the actual time spent talking to advisors.

How Chattern Works

step by step

Submit Your Request

Submit a request. Tell advisors what kind of help you need: mock interviews, career coaching, help with salary negotiations, HR advice, practice interviews for a specific company, learn how to get hired by a consulting firm, or gain market knowledge.

Collect Responses from Advisors

Receive multiple responses from qualified advisors capable to address your job search problems. Negotiate the terms via Chattern messaging.

Make A Deal

Pick the best offers from advisors and make a deal (or a few) agreeing on rate and scheduling a date for the online meeting.Provide payment details to get billed after the meeting.

Have a Meeting

Hold a live audio or video meeting through Chattern. Talk, practice, message each other, review documents together - everything is done right via Chattern's video room.

Pay Per Minute

Pay per minute only for the time spent with advisor. Your card will be charged at the end of the meeting according to the rate agreed between you and the advisor. Do not forget to rate your advisor and us.

Replay and Practice More

Replay the meeting and practice what you learnt as many times as you want. To make sure you do not forget a thing from the coaching session, not just the video but the document collaboration also gets recorded.

Client FAQ

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Chattern is a marketplace. There are no set prices for the services offered by advisors. After submitting your request, you will receive multiple responses from advisors with their per minute billing rates.  Pick an offer that suits you.

Only users that have been approved to become Chattern Advisors will be able to see your profile and requests. Neither your profile nor your requests will be available to public or searchable by Google.

We try to limit advisor access to legitimate users only. To become a Chattern advisor a person must have 4 years of hiring or career coaching experience working for top firms in US & Canada and a LinkedIn profile with recommendations. However, we make a decision to grant advisor access solely based on the information provided by the advisor and their LinkedIn profile.

We follow the latest standards in payment processing. The payment information is transmitted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. Your card number and the CVV code are not stored on Chattern servers but processed by our payment service provider Stripe. Other billing information (e.g. your billing address and phone number) that we do keep is stored encrypted.

Chattern is a web application working on any device running Chrome or Firefox. While you may post requests and browse responses using a tablet or a smartphone, we strongly recommend that you always conduct the meetings from a desktop/laptop computer with a larger screen  (for document collaboration) and with a high speed Internet connection.

Your device also needs to be equipped with a microphone, speakers (or a headset) and a camera (for video consultations).

Because Chrome and Firefox are currently the only two browsers that fully support WebRTC, the technology we use for  the real-time video/audio communication.

Chattern is not a job board or a resume bank. It is not intended for clients to get hired by the advisors but to receive coaching and training from experienced hiring professionals to ease your job search and prepare you for interviews.  

You do not need to record your online session because Chattern is doing that for you. We record the meeting and the document collaboration so that you can replay and review the  meeting after it is over.

Currently, there is no opt-out from meeting recording. If you are uncomfortable being recorded, you should not use Chattern.

If you do not like the advisor, you have 4 minutes to decide whether you would like to continue the session. If you hang up within the first four minutes, you are not going to be charged.

All sales are final. If you decided to continue the meeting beyond the first four minutes, you will be billed per minute of the time spent with the advisor.

You may choose an audio meeting instead of video to hide your identity. 

Chusers Code (Chattern User Code Of Conduct)
Client Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

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Job Hunt Q&A

Ask a job search question

If you are not ready to pay for a consultation, ask us a job search related question.

We will pick the most interesting, useful to others and upvoted questions, do research and provide an answer for free.

To keep the spirit of anonymity, avoid including any personal information in the body of the question.

*By submitting a question and providing your email, you give Chattern a permission to notify you of the answers to your question and occasionally send you informational materials.
**The career and job search information provided on this site including the Q&A section is for general informational and educational purposes only. You use or rely on any information contained on this site at your own risk.